Donor Engagement

As fundraising gets tougher, the centre geared up to engage our donors while searching for new resources. A donor engagement working committee was set up and has been engaging our loyal donors who have been generously supporting us throughout the years.

Support from Civic Organisations


The Civic Group consist of the Chinese Temples and 7th Month Organisations within Jurong GRC and beyond. Each year, civic groups will contribute to Loving Heart through donations and donations in-kind for our clients. They also provide a platform for us to raise funds during their temple events. Their kindness and generosity have enabled Loving Heart to extend our programmes and projects to more families and elderlies in need.

Although the pandemic has disrupted fundraising through Civic dinners, we are grateful for the support of groups such as Singapore Che Wein Khor Moral Uplifting Society, Tong Whye Temple and Ann Kway Sim Group, who stepped forward despite the absence of dinners.