People Behind Loving Heart


From left to right: Dr Chua Song Peck BBM, Mr Yap Thian Ling BBM (L), Mr Xie Yao Quan (Adviser), Mr Tan Lip Kwang Kelvin BBM

Management Committee

consist of 14 members serving the present term from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2023

From left to right: Mr Lai Jian Qin (Member), Dr Gary Tsu PBS (Vice-Chairman), Mr Karthik Sankaran (Chairman), Mr Abdul Karim S/O Shahul Hameed PPA(G) PBM, Mr Xie Yao Quan (Adviser), Ms Serene Ong (Assistant Secretary), Mr Tey Siang Lim Gerald (Secretary), Ms Chiang Ah Choo BBM (Assistant Treasurer), Mr Ong Ah Hai (Member)
Not in photo: Mr Goh Cheng Tee PBM (Immediate Past Chairman), Mr Wong Wei Luen PBM (Treasurer), Ms Helen Tay (Member), Mr Ng Saing Leong (Member), Mr Lawrence Ng (Member), Mr Elvis Chong (Member)

Our Sub Committees

Audit Committee:

Mr Tey Siang Lim Gerald (Chairman)
Mr Lai Jian Qin
Mr Abdul Karim S/O Shahul Hameed PPA(G), PBM

The Audit Committee facilitates the external and internal audit of the organisation for the Board to obtain independent information about the organisation’s activities.

Finance Committee:

Ms Ong Tee Yuh Serene (Chairman)
Dr Tsu Chin Sun Gary PBS
Mr Ong Ah Hai
Mr Wong Woei Luen PBM

The functions of the Finance Committee include ensuring regular and accurate monitoring and accountability for funds, recommending financial guidelines to the Board, and reporting to the Board on any financial irregularities and concerns.

Fund-raising Committee:

Mr Goh Cheng Tee PBM (Chairman)
Mr Tey Siang Lim Gerald
Mr Ng Saing Leong

The Fund-raising Committee is responsible for overseeing the organisation’s fund-raising programmes as developed by the Board. The committee leads donor engagement in collobaration with staff.

Human Resource and Administration Committee:

Mr Karthik Sankaran (Chairman)
Mr Chong Ying Ming Elvis (Vice-Chairman)
Ms Chiang Ah Choo BBM
Mr Ng Kok Kiang Lawrence
Ms Tay Siew Luan Helen

The HR Committee is responsible for reviewing HR policies and staff salaries and benefits prior to Board approval. It is also tasked in guiding development, review and authorisation of HR policies and procedures, as well as handling employee grievances that are escalated to the Board.

Programme and Services Committee:

Mr Wong Wei Luen PBM (Chairman)
Dr Tsu Chin Sun Gary PBS
Ms Ong Tee Yuh Serene
Mr Chong Ying Ming Elvis

The Programme (and Services) Committee reviews the organisation’s programmes and services periodically to ensure they meet strategic objectives.

Staff Team

From left to right: Ms Cindy Yeo Hui Ling (Head, Operations & Programmes), Ms Crystal Pang Mein Wey (Programme Coordinator/ Assistant Volunteer Manager), Mr Wong Kirk Chwen (Executive, Special Projects), Ms Siti Mariam Bte Selamat PBM (Executive, Administration/ Assistant Programme Coordinator), Ms Geetha Kerisna (Programme Coordinator/ Volunteer Manager), Ms Tou Miao Miao (Head, HR & Finance), Ms Zarina Binte Halipah (Administration Support Officer), Mr Tan Siang Hui Wilson BBM (Manager)