The total annual remuneration for each of the three highest paid staff does not exceed $100,000 during the financial year.

No remuneration is paid to any member in the Management Committee. This excludes reimbursement of expenses.

The Centre’s policy is for all Management Committee members and staff to make a declaration of potential conflicts of interest.

The Centre’s Reserve Policy is to have a maximum of three years’ operating expenses in reserve. Any amount in excess of this is to be used in new programmes and services.

The following Board Members has served in the Management Committee for more than ten years. They have been making beneficial contributions in addition to their valuable skills that they are imparting to the newer members. They have strong relationships with the grassroots in the areas served by our organisation.



– Mr Goh Cheng Tee, Freddy PBM
– Dr Tsu Chin Sun Gary PBS
– Mr Tey Siang Lim Gerald
– Ms Chiang Ah Choo BBM
– Ms Tay Siew Luan Helen
– Mr Ong Ah Hai


Immediate Past Chairman
Vice Chairman
Assistant Secretary

A total of 6 Management Committee Meetings were held within April 2021 to March 2022 respectively on: 06/04/2021, 30/06/2021, 17/08/2021, 05/10/2021, 07/12/2021 and 18/01/2022.

Governance Checklist