Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) was launched 18 years ago as a one stop social service centre, serving disadvantaged families in Jurong. Our mission is to be the bridge between the vulnerable and those who can offer a helping hand. We aspire to act as a springboard for revitalizing the lives of the disadvantaged within our community. Our heritage lies in forging connections with community partners and responding nimbly to the changing needs of the vulnerable.

The reopening post-COVID has brought significant cheer and a sense of normalcy to society. Yet many households remain challenged due to their vulnerabilities arising from unexpected shocks. These include, for instance, disruptions to the health or income of a caregiver, and students struggling from the aftermath of family units breaking down due to conflict and divorce. We have seen a significant increase in demand for our Food Gift Plus programme, which has expanded to include formula milk powder, diapers and household necessities. Loving Heart (Jurong) also set up satellite distribution centres in Nanyang and Jurong Central to increase access to beneficiaries. I am also deeply inspired by the kindness of residents and community members to step forward to contribute donations in kind of essential items, which helped support the expansion of the programme and alleviate rising costs.

Loving Heart (Jurong) continues to play a role in helping disadvantaged youth – in recent years we have significantly expanded from academic support to providing high quality enrichment programmes. Thanks to the Octava foundation’s support, we launched the RISE programme in collaboration with School of Concepts (SOC) to strengthen young learners’ foundation in English literacy through creative means of expression (ranging from storytelling to robotics). Our Free Tuition programme currently serves more than 70 students, and our volunteer tutors ensured that the programme was not disrupted due to COVID, providing academic support through online tutoring. Our flagship Pupil Breakfast Scheme (PBS), built around the simple maxim of “no student should go to school with an empty stomach” has supported over 500 students with $2 million meal vouchers disbursed since inception in 2006.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to our advisers, donors, volunteers, and partners for their steadfast and unflinching support. Your support was invaluable in ensuring Loving Heart (Jurong) could continue to expand our programme spending and undertake new initiatives, despite the significant reduction in fund-raising activity due to COVID and the rising needs of our service users.

I look forward to serving and fulfilling our mission with the support of the Management Committee, staff, volunteers, and our honourable advisers and patrons.

Karthik Sankaran