RISE Programme

In collaboration with School of Concepts (SOCs), the RISE Programme aims to strengthen young learners’ foundation in English literacy so as to equip them with strong reading, writing, comprehension and communication skills.

Besides literacy training, the programme enlisted the use of robotics to promote the learning of English. In one such workshop, learners built solar powered cars from scratch using the materials provided and thru the process, understood the mechanics and science behind the use of solar energy to power the model. Through enjoyment, learners built up their confidence and speech skills via storytelling when sharing their experience with the others.

RISE Programme & Graduation

Learners from our Center and partnering sites (Jurong Spring YN and Boon Lay YN) had a graduation ceremony from the RISE programme in Dec 2021. The learners ended their RISE journey with the opportunity to make their very own Christmas wooden lighthouse during the finale. The session ended off with the trainers from the School Of Concepts sharing students’ progress with parents during the Parents – Trainers interactive segment. We hope that language skill acquired through the duration would be useful in their learning journey. The new cohort of Learners have begun their RISE journey in the middle of February 2022.