Our enhanced monthly food gift programme is designed to assist vulnerable families, with the flexibility of catering to their needs. Duration of assistance is assessed on a case-by-case basis. There has been a constant increase in the need for this assistance over the years.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Loving Heart (Jurong) has also reached out to provide one-off support for Families under Home Recovery Scheme.

To assist families with young children and elderly members, we launched the Assist Pro programme consisting of formula milk powder, baby diapers, and/or adult diapers.


Food Gifts


worth of milk powder
& diapers distributed

Satellite Distribution @ Nanyang & Jurong Central Zone A RC

In collaboration with Nanyang CC and Jurong Central Zone A RC, Loving Heart (Jurong) set up satellite distribution centres to reach out to a wider pool of beneficiaries in need.


As a Social Service Agency, we can only sustain our programmes through the generosity of our donors and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to corporate and welfare organizations, schools and individuals of the community for their continuous support in donating items in-kind such as those below. In particular, we are grateful to Bo Tien Welfare Services Society as a long term supporter of our Food Gift+ Programme.
Bridging unequal access to menstrual healthcare with monthly care packs with Go With The Flow!

100 packets of Ayam Penyet distribution sponsored by Manis Bawang Cafe By Sri Anggun!

Donation of 35 Takada Air Purifiers from
East Peak Pte Ltd during the pandemic!
Distribution of 110 food and necessities packs from Project R.I.C.E+, by Singapore Red Cross!

Donation of 100 Electric Kettles from Aztech Global Ltd for families!

Food Donation Drive initiated by class 206 from Yuhua Secondary School!

Vegetable Scheme with Jurong Spring

A collaboration between Jurong Spring Citizens’ Consultative Committee and Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong), we have worked with Jurong Spring FoodCare to provide fresh fruits to more than 140 recipients under their care since February 2020.

On a bimonthly basis, recipients received vouchers worth $6 each and are able to redeem fruits through an appointed vendor. Through this, we also hope to increase nutritional values of food assistance with fresh food.

Going forward, we are moving into a vegetable distribution scheme. With the new scheme, residents will be able to receive fresh vegetables together with their FoodCare packs. Together with Jurong Spring Citiztens’ Consultative Committee, we aim to roll out the new scheme in the second quarter of the year.